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Dr. Angela weighs in on Infant Dental Care

Infant Dental Care Advice for New Mommies and Daddies by Dr. Angela Austin.

Patient Appreciation Day

It’s Our Anniversary! And You’re Invited to Our Party!

We are celebrating our one-year anniversary by celebrating you! We are having our First Annual Patient Appreciation Day in our office on Friday, November 9th, from 4:30-7:30 pm. Come on out for snacks, prizes, and games. Guests are also welcome!

Please RSVP by calling us, or emailing us at: See you there!

Candy Buy-Back Day

We know trick-or-treating is way too fun to give up for your oral health! So our office has a special program that we do to keep the sugar bugs away! Every year we offer kids $1 for each pound of candy they bring in. Once the collection is over, we donate the candy to local military bases!

Alexandria Woman’s Magazine

Northern Virginia’s Top Dentists

Dr. Angela was named one of Northern Virginia’s Top Dentists! We’re so honored and humbled by this great achievement!

A Beautiful Testimonial by one of Dr. Angela’s Patients’ Parents

Please click below to read Kathryn Olson’s article about Dr. Angela on Alexandria Women Magazine:


Dr. Angela Weighs in on Why Baby Teeth are So Important

Please click below to read Dr. Angela’s article in Alexandria Women Magazine:


Washingtonian Magazine

The Washingtonian Magazine asks Dr. Angela to weigh in on the ever-rising problem of dental decay in young children.

It’s a Party!

Children’s Dental Health Month is in February and the Team at Alexandria Children’s Dentistry is celebrating in a BIG way :)


Friday, February 24th, from 4-8 pm (come after school for an evening of fun!)

For: You! Kids of All ages ... even bring a friend or two!


Our office! 6303 Little River Turnpike, Suite 345, Alexandria, VA 22312


Fun dental education booths with the ACD Team, face painting, a visit from the Tooth Fairy, balloons, raffles, gift bags, popcorn machine, movies, food, games galore!!

Come, and bring friends!! It's a PARTY!

RSVP at: 703-942-8404 or

See you soon!! :)

February is Children’s National Dental Month

Take a look at this article Dr. Angela wrote :)

Composite fillings and sealants

Recently, we have had a few parents raise some concerns about possible BPA found in composite fillings and sealants. We understand your concern! We’d like to share with you a little information to help answer this common question.

The composite filling material and sealant material we use at Alexandria Children’s Dentistry does not contain BPA. We have literature from the manufacturers in our office if there are any concerns, and Dr. Angela will be happy to discuss these concerns with you if this is concerning to you.

Classroom complimentary dental education

Hi, Friends!

Interested in the Alexandria Children’s Dentistry team coming to your child’s classroom or other event for complimentary dental education? At Alexandria Children’s Dentistry, we have a mission to go out and educate as many kids as possible about going to the dentist, keeping their teeth clean, and answering any questions they may have about teeth!

We target elementary school classrooms, and other youth-centered groups, and during our visit, we read fun dental education books, play tooth games, talk about dental visits, and demonstrate on Allie the Alligator (our little mascot) how to brush and floss.

Email us at: or call us at 703-942-8404 to schedule a visit from out dental team.

Washingtonian Magazine Article

Hi Friends!
Take a look at Dr. Angela’s contribution to the article below which was published in The Washingtonian.
It’s all about healthy food choices to keep those teeth healthy and strong!